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      Subvert the history! The Chinese doctor announced that the building became a power station!

      Release time:2018-01-25

      Another great breakthrough in China's scientific and technological inventions!

      Pan Jingong, a Chinese scientist, has successfully developed "power generation glass", and China has its own intellectual property right. The day before the first world Chinese block, monomer size of CdTe "generation of glass" off the assembly line in Chengdu.

      What's the "power glass"?

      "Power generation glass" is also called the cadmium telluride thin film solar cell, known as "the oil field hanging on the wall"!

      It is understood that a single chip of 1.6 meters long, 1.2 meters wide of the power generation glass, its photoelectric conversion efficiency is up to 17.8%, can generate 260-270 degrees a year. Even if the light is weak, electrical energy can be generated by photoelectric conversion.

      In other words, it is the amount of electricity produced by three thousand or four thousand pieces of glass, which is equivalent to the amount of electricity that can be converted by a year of oil in an ordinary oil well.

      The "power generation glass" is on the insulated common glass, which is evenly coated with only 4 microns thick (equivalent to one percent of the hair).

      Because the cadmium telluride film itself is completely transparent, it can be coated on all windows and glass, not only on roofs and walls...

      At present, buildings around the world have consumed more than forty percent of the world's power. Imagine that if all the glass of the building was smeared with cadmium telluride, it was transformed into "power glass"...

      Take the Shanghai world financial center as an example, a full 120 thousand square meters of power generation glass curtain wall will fully meet the annual electricity consumption of the building itself, and it can also be supplied to the surrounding buildings.

      At present, China has a total of 40 billion square meters of buildings. If this kind of "power generation glass" is used to transform 10% of them, it is equivalent to the construction of 3 Three Gorges hydropower stations.

      This subversive new energy building material will change history.

      It is well known that the search for clean energy instead of traditional fossil fuels such as coal and oil has been an important goal for scientists all over the world. Because green energy can not only reduce pollution, but also become an inexhaustible power.

      Gu Zhenan, a member of the Chinese Academy of engineering, has evaluated the technology and material foundation for China to enhance its power from building material glass to electronic glass power and semiconductor material power. Industry experts say that the successful development of power generation glass has broken the monopoly of foreign giants, transforming flat glass from building materials to power generating and filter functional materials, and turning the building exterior wall into a "power station".

      Research and development of "power generation glass"

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