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      Company profile

      Jiangxi Arctic Ocean Industrial Co., Ltd. is located in the Capital Industrial Park of Linchuan District, Fuzhou. It is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the production of semiconductor thermoelectric materials, semiconductor cooling sheets, semiconductor power generating units and refrigeration modules. The company was founded in 2017 by a number of returnees and marketing experts. The company serves customers with technological innovation and quick response. The first principle is quality policy. The factory has annual production capacity of semiconductor bar, chip and refrigeration module.

      The products are sold abroad, including Europe, the United States, Canada, Australia and Japan and South Korea and other Southeast Asian countries and regions. The development strategy of the company is based on semiconductor refrigeration technology and its application, making international quality, and devotes itself to developing new applications of semiconductor thermoelectric refrigeration industry.

      Scope of application: military. Medical products, electric cars, car seat cushion, red wine cabinet, cold and hot box, cold drink machine, cold pillow, cool helmet, drinking machine, cold drink cup and so on.

      Industrial applications: automotive car refrigerator, small air conditioner, thermostat Dehumidifier, etc..

      Create a happy life for the customers

      Address:near the Red Star forest farm of the industrial park, 208 provincial road, Linchuan District, Fuzhou, Jiangxi Office address:1010b, shijing, baoan district, shenzhen.

      Service hotline

      +86 07947053006

      The Western Arctic Ocean. All rights reserved Jiang Industrial Co., record number: technical support in the record:B6910B80D56C3C89F47588F821D3136F.JPG

      Contact: Ms. Zhou phone: 07947053006 mobile phones: 15870682292

      Address: near the Red Star forest farm of the industrial park, 208 provincial road, Linchuan District, Fuzhou, Jiangxi

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