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      Semiconductor chiller

      Release time:2018-01-25

      A semiconductor chiller, also called a thermoelectric refrigerator, is a kind of heat pump. Its advantage is that there is no sliding component, it is applied in some places where the space is restricted, the reliability is high, and the refrigerant pollution is free. Using the Peltier effect of semiconductor materials, when the direct current electricity is connected in series with two different semiconductor materials, the ends of the couple can absorb heat and heat separately, so that the purpose of refrigeration can be realized. It is a kind of refrigeration technology that produces negative heat resistance. It is characterized by no moving parts and high reliability.

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      1. Correct installation and assembly methods:

      1, a cooling piece is installed on one side, and a cooling system is installed on one side. The surface degree of the installation is not more than 0.03mm, and the burr and dirt should be removed.

      2, refrigeration and heat sink and a cold conducting block good contact, the contact surface to be coated with a thin layer of thermal grease.

      3, when the fixed refrigeration should make the refrigeration piece uniform stress, but also pay attention to not excessive, to prevent ceramic fracturing.

      Semiconductor chiller

      Semiconductor chiller

      Two. The correct use conditions:

      1. The voltage of the DC power supply should not exceed the rated voltage, and the ripple coefficient of the power supply is less than 10%.

      2, the current shall not exceed the rated current of the component.

      3, when the refrigerator is working, it is not allowed to turn the reverse voltage in a moment (after 5 minutes).

      4, no water in the inside of the refrigerator.

      5, the humidity around the refrigerator must not exceed 80%.

      Three, CDL1 series of refrigeration components in the use of attention:

      1, when using non special equipment to test the device, the temperature of the hot end must be below 80 degrees under the working parameters, including changing the current direction and turning the cold end to the hot end. There is no cooling condition in the hot end, the instantaneous power of the test, the two end is touching the refrigerator, feel a certain sense of a slightly cold can be. Otherwise, because the temperature of the hot end is too high, it is very easy to cause the device to short circuit or circuit breakage, so that the refrigerators are discarded.

      2, under normal conditions, polar identification of refrigeration components can be placed in the cold end refrigeration components, the lead end facing the human direction, when the right lead is positive, usually in red; the left is negative, usually in black, blue or white, the polar wiring method of refrigeration components when the. When the heat is needed, the polarity of the current can be changed. When the refrigeration works, the DC power must be used, and the ripple coefficient of the power supply should be less than 10%.

      3. The number of PN nodes is the number of the logarithm of the refrigerating electric couple and the identification of the limit voltage. For example, the type of the cooler is CDL1-12703, then 127 is the galvanic logarithm of the cooling module, the 03 is the allowable current value (unit Ampere), the limit voltage of the refrigeration module is V, the galvanic logarithm is 0.11, for example, the limit voltage of CDLl-12703 is V=l27 * 0.11=13.97 (V).

      4, all kinds of refrigerating components must be resumed to the room temperature at both ends when they are used or in the test. They usually need more than 15 minutes to carry out. Otherwise it is easy to cause ceramic crack.

      5. In order to improve the life of the refrigeration components, the PN components should be cured before the use of the refrigeration components. Method 706 single set of curing rubber, evenly spread on the PN elements around the refrigeration components, not on the two end. The coated rubber is naturally cured for 24 hours, and after curing, it is milk white and elastic solid. The purpose of curing is to completely isolate the refrigerant component electric couple from the outside air. With the effect of moistureproof, the life of the refrigerant assembly can be increased by about 50%.

      6, at the time of installation, first with anhydrous alcohol cotton, both ends of the scrubbing cooling components clean, heat evenly coated with a layer of thin silicone grease: mounting surface (cold storage board, cooling plate) should be processed, surface flatness is less than 0.03MM, and clean; the cold end system components in cold working face the installation process must be good contact with the cold storage board, hot end should be good contact with cooling plate (such as screw fastening, force should be uniform, not excessive); the size depends on the storage cold plate, cooling plate for cooling method and cooling power, may decide to achieve good cooling effect; between the cooling plate and a cooling plate shall be filled with heat insulating materials and its thickness should be 25~30mm.

      7. In the absence of a special instrument, the user can measure its outer size and height according to the instructions of the production plant to judge its performance. It is inaccurate to use the multimeter to test the static resistance of the refrigeration component, which is only for reference.

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